“Novels of Genocide” is there!

I’ve just received my copies. Holding one of them in my hands gives me a lot of pride but also makes me think about more than three years of intensive research that I have put into it. This is that moment where the author has no control of his work anymore. It belongs now to readers who will try to make sense of it. The main thing I should say here is that the ways in which Rwandans construct their fictional Rwanda, the ways in which they construct their fictional Hutus and Tutsis, and their relationships around the 1990s are amazing and instructive at the same time! It is fiction but not just that. I will be giving a seminar related to this book at Leiden University’s African Studies centre next Thursday 13 April at 3 pm. Those who would like to attend should register first via this page: http://www.ascleiden.nl/news/seminar-novels-genocide-remembering-and-forgetting-ethnic-other-post-1994-novels-rwanda